English Majors After Graduation.


Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, Faust

"Paralysis," Peter Boyle


Laid out flat
in the back of the station wagon my father borrowed
I look up:
the leaves are immense,
green and golden with clear summer light
breaking through –
though I turn only my neck
I can see all of them
along this avenue that has no limits.
What does it matter
that I am only eyes
if I am to be carried
so lightly
under the trees of the world?
From beyond the numbness of my strange body
the wealth of the leaves
falls forever
into my small still watching.


#50, spring


The university policy stipulated that all students must live on campus for their freshman and sophomore years, at least, a policy that Dan felt was a little overbearing.  Despite it, there was really nothing he could do. His roommate from last year, Alex, was transferring to a different, much better school on the east coast. They had gotten along fine, although Alex’s incessant techno music and his mattress, which he’d accidentally soaked in milk the first semester, gave their room an eerie baby smell for the remainder of the school year that made Dan hesitate before bringing anyone by.

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17 Nano-Stories 



He couldn’t get a job but he still drank. She approached him like she would a hurt lion and dragged him to bed; at least he’d lost weight.


They met on a cruise, married days later. He hardly knew her but that was the appeal. She got ill soon after the honeymoon. Prostate cancer.



#55, spring

Natural Born Killers | ZACKARY MEDLIN

I want to barely bite your bottom lip.
Then you bite mine back, a bit harder.
We’ll take turns, biting more & more,
your face going into my face going into your face
until we’re left facing each other without faces
& we see each other.

Word of the Day - Bonus Round 


Hermeneutics, /her’men-ü’tiks/ - The science of interpretation, or finding the meaning of an author’s words and phrases, and of explaining it to others; exegesis.

Exegesis, /ex’egē-sis/ - The exposition or interpretation of any literary production; sometimes applied to the science which lays…

"Hospital parking lot, April," Laura Kasischke 


Once there was a woman who laughed for years uncontrollably after a stroke.

Once there was a child who woke after surgery to find his parents were impostors.

These seagulls above the parking lot today, made of hurricane and ether, they

have flown directly out of the brain wearing little…

Dying is a wild night and a new road.

Emily Dickinson (via thegraveyardpoets)

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